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31 January 2013

Update: Teachers Pay Teachers help

Aka, how to do that cutesy stuff on TPT!  And, did you know you can use these tips to create blog backgrounds and headers?  NOW YOU DO!!!!!!!!!  In fact, I'm currently working on one, and hope to debut it soon!  But I digress...

Teacher/Blogger Mme. Tammy Aiello (Teaching FSL) commented on my Help! post saying:

Use a page layout program (Like Publisher) instead of Word... or a trick many use it to do everything in PowerPoint. Since you are likely to convert it to a PDF document anyhow, use whatever makes it easiest for you to design!
As for cute borders & pictures, check the "clip art" category of TpT itself... some awesome clip-artists that I <3 are The 3AM teacher, Tracee Orman, Graphics from the Pond, Pink Cat Studio. I use a LOT of free stuff, and some paid items (mostly from those creators).

So, if I'm understanding her correctly, there are people that already have those cute borders and clip arts for free on TPT, you would download them, and then use something like Publisher (or Photoshop---had a couple people suggest that too) so maneuver and make your stuff all pretty.

I also found this tutorial online on how to upload your own background images to blogger.  You'll need to read this one, too.

And, on this lady's Teachers Pay Teachers site is a tutorial on how to create headers.  It's free and really simple to use.  It was called "Frame Backgrounds and Transparent Frames".

Using those tutorials (and I have to say, I was skeptical to use Powerpoint to create something, but it totally worked!  You just save it as a PDF rather than a slideshow), I created this invite for my school's Relay for Life team "Souper Bowl" party on Friday. 

 I got the borders from here, and the cute little football graphic here.  The fancy font is from here.

Update:  It is the same for a PC or Mac.  I did the following graphic as an update since we're off school today (Friday).  The borders and graphics are from the above mentioned places.  The font is just one that came with the computer.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my step by step tutorial on how to download the fancy fonts!

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Excited about your success with the cute stuff! Remember to take note of what the artist's Terms of use are... many want a simple credit somewhere in the document (hence the Thank you pages that you'll find in so many TPT files!) and some don't require a credit at all. Others have more stringent requirements.

    Next step... you'll have to figure out how to organize all your new clip art, digital papers/backgrounds, and frames! Have fun!

    Mme Aiello


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