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31 January 2013

Thursday #Thirstday

Thursday is now #Thirstday !  Hosted by David Etkin of Eat The Book you just post a picture of a book and a beverage you're drinking.

Today is our second day off this week.  Monday we had off for ice, and today because of flooding, believe me, it's legit, I thought I was going to have to build an arc last night.  Apparently, lots of people have lost power too, so I'm feeling very lucky right now.  

Hot cocoa in my new cardinals (red birds) mug, 200 pages left in A STORM OF SWORDS, and halfway through A WRINKLE IN TIME.  I try not to start a new one while I'm still reading, but I left ASOS at school the other afternoon and I needed something!

What are you reading and drinking?


  1. I've never seen that cover for A Wrinkle in Time. I love it! It looks like a graphic novel.

  2. It is! I've never read the regular version, and when I saw this, I thought I'd try it out :)


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