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23 June 2015

Hello Neighbor!

I also wanted to do something to introduce ourselves to our new neighbors.  Aaron is so outgoing, so he just naturally starts conversations with people when he's out with Luna.  Me, on the other hand, I'll just smile and nod.  I don't want to come across stand-offish, or "the weird neighbor", so I wanted to do something to say, "hi".

My first thought was, "hey, I just made some kick butt bread, maybe I can make a loaf for everyone."  Then I thought, "hmmmmm people might have allergies."

So of course, I got on Pinterest because there are so many more people creative that me on there, I can steal borrow what someone else did!  I must not have entered the right search term because I didn't find much. DRAT!  There are a lot of ideas for introducing yourselves to neighbors who are just moving in, but not a lot for those who are the newbs on the block.

But, here are links to some that I did find:
Cute poem printable
Get to know your neighbors --cute article and printable
Printable label
Cute popcorn labels

I ultimately ended up doing this in Word (6 boxes per page)....

and attaching them to bags of popcorn.  

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