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10 January 2015

Why Harry Potter?

So, why Harry Potter?  Why is a 32 year old woman so obsessed with a fictional character and world?

I honestly don't know.  I was 15 years old when the first book came out and, being 16, decided that it was beneath me.  My sister was 12 and got the book when it came out.  I read it when she finished and fell in love.  Of course, I couldn't tell anyone.

When the subsequent books came out, I was old enough to drive.  So I would drive her to the local Walmart at midnight (which is another story for another time on it's own) and we'd be one of the first ones to get a copy.  I would wait until she finished and then I'd read them.  Until book 6.  She got her copy and I was first at the library to check out my own.  Somebody was going to die and I had to know who.  I couldn't wait.  I got my picture taken at the library for being the first one to pick up my copy.  And then, one of Aaron's coworkers at the Waterpark ruined it and while Aaron and I were on the phone to each other on his break, yelled in the background what happened.  If I had had the ability to, I would have jumped through the phone and stomped her (Oh my Slytherin was showing that day).  But, I stayed up until 2 to finish.

The movies used to come out on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (or really close to then), and again, my sister and I would go together to watch.  We'd get out of school early for the holiday, and that would be our way of kicking off the break.

So all these stories and memories are great, but why?  What is it that draws me in?  Why is the story so endearing?

I've learned patience, humility, love, what kind of parent I'd like to be, perseverance.  I've learned that not all bad guys are bad and not all good guys are good.  I've learned that all you need is hope to get through tough times.  You just need to turn on the light.  

For other people's "reason's why", and a good reason to cry, click here .  Oh Buzzfeed, you never fail me.

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