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12 January 2015

What is your favorite spell?

How can you choose just one?  They all have their uses, obviously, but which ONE?  Or, am I like Professor McGonnagal and wait my whole life to use just one?

What's a girl to do?  Well, my nature is to research everything and then decide.  So, I got on the Harry Potter wiki "list of spells" and researched which one I thought would be my favorite.
From Imgur
While there are some spells I feel would be hilarious to have in mind in case I need them (I'm looking at you "cantis" and "bat bogey"), I think the one I'd use the most would probably "scourgify", a cleaning spell!  YES!  The next would be "accio" b/c I'm just lazy enough to not want to go get something.

Some of the others I'd use often would be: episkey, inanimatus conjurus, lumos/nox, alohamora, pack,

I'd hope to never have to use "expecto patronum" (as obviously, I hope to never be chased by a dementor), fidelus (I hope to never have a secret so big as to need that), the horcrux maker ('cause I'd never kill someone), any of the Unforgivable Curses (no explanation needed), and any of the "protego" variations.

What spell is your favorite or one that you'd use the most?

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