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13 January 2015

Characters: The Good, the Bad and the Underrated

People have very definite ideas of who their most and least favorite Harry Potter character is.

I'm pretty sure that it's unanimous that everyone hates Dolores Umbridge.  
Don't know who to attribute this to.  A friend shared it on my facebook page.

Before book 7, everyone also hated Snape.  After book 7, he's on everyone's favorites list.  Me, I think he's shades of gray.  He's not horrible, but he was kind of a jerk through most of the books to just about everyone.  And on the flip side, books 1-6, everyone thought Dumbledore was an amazingly awesome guy.  After book 7, you start to think that the choices he made weren't that great either.  That maybe things could have gone differently had HE done something different.

While I love the main three, I think some of the secondary characters deserve a little recognition.  

I love Tonks and Luna.  Both march to their own drum, and I appreciate that.  Luna is a witch who believed in more magic than most witches and wizards.  Some might see her just as comic relief, the flighty airhead.  But she isn't.  She's bright, caring and creative.  She just chooses to see the world in a different way, and we (especially me) can learn from that.  Tonks, I love, not just for her cool hair, but she's also a fighter.    

I can't wait until JK Rowling releases some of their backstory.  

After seeing Celestina Warbeck "in concert" (several times) at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this summer, I can now say that she's a favorite character, too.  She adds nothing to the books, but I still love that Mrs. Weasley and Fleur fight over her.  That interaction makes the Weasley family more real.  

And speaking of the Weasleys, that's the kind of family I want to have, when/if I have kids.  Or, that's the kind of "aunt" I want to be.  I want a warm and open house, full of love and humor.  And that can be towards kids or dogs.  

Anyway, who are some of your most and least favorite characters?

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