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03 January 2015

So what does one wear?

So yesterday, I shared that Michael Gambon aka Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore himself was going to be at the Celebration of Harry Potter.  Which has induced many squeals and the flailing of many arms in excitement.  But has also caused much worry and doubt.

What does one wear when meeting Dumblerdore?  This totally shot my plan of yoga pants and a quidditch tee-shirt.  But, did it mean fancy dress?  Dress robes?  What is the happy medium?

We decided to go the route of the Hogwarts student (movie version), and wear our house tie, white button-up shirt, black bottoms (skirt or pants, wearer's choice) and either cardigan or sweater vest.  I'm choosing to go with a cardigan, because it's actually something I'd wear again (on weekends---ok, probably to school).

Apparently, though, "traditionally", students would just wear robes with just their underwear underneath.  But for the movie, they wore the vests or cardigans.  My friend, Becca, is contemplating going that route.

Here is what I decided (though I'm hoping it won't be stinking hot in Orlando and I'll melt in that sweater):

Honestly, I love that cardigan.  I'm pretty sure I'll wear it on weekends.

So what do you think, Dumbledore-approved?

For further reading, and why I specified "movie version", click here.  I found these clothing items on ebay.

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