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04 January 2015

Harry Potter Theories

One of my new favorite things is to read Harry Potter fan theories.  And honestly, they make sense.  I admire the thought that went into these.  I would never have picked up on some of them, but once you read them, the books and movies take on a whole new light.

There are so many out there, all you have to do is type "Harry Potter theory" into google (or your search engine of choice) and you get so many links!

Some of my favorites:
*The Ronbledore Theory---Ron Weasley and Dumbledore are the same time-traveling person (here)
*Since Voldemort was defeated, Harry Potter is now immortal (here)
*What I call the "Draco COS Theory" (you'll never watch or read #2 the same way)
*The "Draco is a Werewolf Theory" (both on the same page here)
*The super sad, "It was all in Harry's Head" theory (here and here)
*Neville was the Chosen One (here)
*Snape's first words to Harry were an apology for his mother's death (here)
*In Azkaban, the prisoners become dementors (here)

Most of the links above have multiple theories listed, so you may see the same over and over again.  I just wanted to share different places where I had seen theories, not to push one site over another.

My ultimate favorite will be shared tomorrow.  It's that good.  It needs it's own day.

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