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19 August 2014

Books on TV: Game of Thrones....what if?

I loved reading the Game of Thrones series, and I love watching it on DVD (no HBO, sorry, so I am a little behind).

I had planned to watch the 3 released seasons over the summer, but life happened, and now workdays/school is starting soon and instead of a leisurely stroll through Westeros, I have to binge-watch.  That's ok though, as I'm still hoping to rope Aaron into watching with me (I know!  How do I put up with it sometimes?  He has no desire to read the books or watch with me.  Though he was the same way with Harry Potter, and I eventually wore him down).

First, since reading the books and looking at the maps in the front, I had questions about how big Westeros actually was.  Because in the maps, it looks to be the size of Britain.  However, even by horseback or foot, it takes people FOREVER to get anywhere!  But, when I was watching, twice someone commented that the Wall was 1,000 leagues from King's Landing.  And thanks to my handy-dandy conversion website, one league equals 5.55600 kilometers, which would then mean that the Wall is 5, 556 km from King's Landing.  Or, 3,452 miles.  Which is about the size of the US from Bangor, Maine to Seattle, Washington---plus 200 miles!  So no wonder it took people forever to get from one place to the next!   

But then, in rewatching Season 1 (as I HAVE to watch them in order), I got to thinking, what would have happened had Ned Stark NOT gone to King's Landing?

This is what I've come up with:
1.  He wouldn't have been beheaded
2.  Arya wouldn't have gone on her cross-country tour
3.  Robb wouldn't have started the war
4.  Catelyn wouldn't have left Winterfell and been turned in to Stoneheart (see 5)
5.  Neither would have been beheaded at the Red Wedding
6.  Bran and Rickon wouldn't have had to go into hiding.
7.  Theon wouldn't have had all his issues---he may have rebelled, but probably not gotten tortured and had his junk cut off.   

I opened this up to my facebook friends, and this is what they came up with:
1.  Jon Snow would still have taken the Black, but he wouldn't have "run off with ygritte, fallen in love and then had the battle at castle black where she died and he gets all dark."

What are we missing? 

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