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15 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows I LOVE LOVE LOVE

I don't usually do Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, not because I don't like the post, but because I usually don't have time, remember to post ahead, or can think of 10 things.  However, when I saw other bloggers posting about their favorite TV shows, I knew KNEW that I had to participate today.

So, today's topic is:  Top Ten TV Shows!  I thought, my top 10 favorite kids shows, my top 10 favorite as a kid/teen, my top 10 now...but ultimately decided on my Top Ten that I will always make time to watch.

10.  Friends
I have memories of yelling at the tv with my dad when Ross said Rachel's name at his wedding to Emily; to coming home at 11 and watching the West Coast feed; of hosting a series finale party.  This show was my teenage to college years.  
9.  Broadchurch
Ok, I couldn't find a picture of the logo, but basically, it's a British murder mystery that was on BBCAmerica last summer starring David Tennant as a crusty chief detective hunting a child's murderer in a sleepy little oceanside British town.  My friends across the pond would laugh when I posted status updates about it, and would NOT let me look on wikipedia to see who did it.  The "American" version, also starring David Tennant is to come out in 2015.
8.  the first 4 seasons of Psych
I'm not inclined to resign to maturity.  I can always spot the pineapple.  I wanted a sidekick named Lavendar Grooms, Chocolate Columbo or Gus "Sillypants" Jackson.
7.  the Drew Carey version of Whose Line is it Anyway? 
The remake of the remake just isn't as funny.

6.  Supernatural
This is my most recent Netflix binge.  I friggin' love those demon-hunting siblings who crisscross the country (seriously, that is how Netflix described the show.  Like, really Netflix?  Ya idgits.  You make it sound like a rom-com or something).

5.  Breaking Bad
I like the ambigious-ness of it.  Is Walter White a bad guy, is he good, is he just caught in a bad situation and can't get out?  IS HE STILL ALIVE?!?!?!?!   Plus, it's set in Alberquerque, which I LOVE.  And...YO.  

4.  The Big Bang Theory
 I think I've watched every episode that is in syndication.  I can sing "Soft Kitty".  I can knock correctly.  I love Professor Proton.  

3.  The Walking Dead
Again, the ambiguity.  They're good people put into tough situtations.  How would I react?  How long would I survive?  
2.  Longmire
I couldn't find a good image that I liked.  But really, I don't know why I love Longmire.  Is it the setting?  (Wyoming) Is it the characters?  Is it the stories?  I just don't know.  I love them all.  But I'm so worried that I'll hate the books that I'm not ready to read them yet.

1.  I Love Lucy
That zany redhead!  I have a Vitameatavegamin poster in my classroom (and can quote the episode).  Again, I think I've seen every episode out there, and can quote many of them.  Basically, if you tell me a scene, I could probably tell you what will happen in the episode.  Plus, Ricky taught me Spanish.  

*all images found via google image search and are labeled as "for reuse"

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