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23 June 2014

#HarryPotterReread ; Week 2

"Sorry, I'm not sorry my Harry Potter obsession has only grown with age."

Yeah, I'm not sorry, and you shouldn't be either!

Alright, so I didn't get much reading done again.  When I wrote this post (Sunday afternoon), I was on page 233 of 312 of book 1.  I suspect by the time this post goes live (Monday morning), I'll have book 1 finished, or pretty ding-dang close.  

Also, as of Monday, I have 24 days left until we leave!  There are no words for this level of excitement.  Especially after the announcement this past Wednesday (my birthday, I might add---made for a wonderful gift) that Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express was going to open on July 8th!  

And I leave you with this little goodie:
Definitely just tried this AND IT WORKS!!!!!! My. Life. Is. Changed. You HAVE to listen to the entire message, and go through all of the options. So freaking cool.
I've called it.  It works.  Don't judge.

How far have you gotten in your reread?

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