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22 June 2014

Happy 65th Anniversary!

We are celebrating my grandparents' (pictured below) 65th wedding anniversary tonight!  Their actual anniversary was June 18th, but since that was a Wednesday, we're celebrating tonight.  
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(I took this picture on Mother's Day this year)

For the past few years (at least since their 60th), my mom and aunts have thrown a party for them at their church and invited Nana & Pop's favorite gospel band (the Good Time Gospel Band, if anyone is keeping track).  While it isn't my cup of tea, it really makes them happy.  So it makes me happy.  This year, they don't know it, but my cousin, Zach (who recently graduated with his degree in cello or something) is going to play a song for them.  They've never heard him play live, so it's going to be a great surprise.  

My Pops told my mom a few weeks ago that in the 65 years they've been married, there was only 2 things my Nana did that bugged him.  He wouldn't share the first (he said she'd get really mad at him if he did), but the second was that she always took too much butter when buttering her toast and then put it back to use again the next day, and he hated seeing crumby butter back in the dish.  

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These were taken around the time they got married.

So, congratulations to my Nana and Pop!  I wish I knew what their secret was, but I'm wishing heath, happiness and a family who loves you to all of you in their honor.  

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