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16 June 2014

#HarryPotterReRead: Week 1

I'm a little behind in my Harry Potter reread.  I was planning on reading at the airport, and I started, but I could not read on the plane.  And then I was planning on reading while at the hostel in San Diego, since there wasn't a tv in the room, but I was POOPED every evening (a combination of still being on east coast time and just tired from doing stuff). 

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But hey, it's alright.  31 days until Harry Potter World!  I can read 7 books in 31 days!  I'm on page 68 of book 1.  

I wanted to share this...
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because it just made me feel odd, but wonderful, because I KNEW what was going to happen, but I get to experience it all over again.  The magic is still there for me.  And probably always will be.  

I do have a question though, does any one else read their Harry Potter with their approximation of a British accent?  Because I totally do.  

How about you?  How is your Harry Potter reading going?

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