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11 March 2014

Review: The Five Dog Night by Eileen Christelow

From Goodreads When Old Betty tries to advise Ezra on how to survive the cold winter nights, Ezra rebuffs her concerns because he has his own private source of warmth.

The gist of the story is, Ezra uses his dogs to keep warm---the colder the night, the more dogs pile on his bed.  I don't remember the first time I read this story, but that idea has always stuck with me.  Especially this winter! 

Even though it was snowy, it was only a 2 dog afternoon!

I recently read this story to my third graders, and they got caught up in the drama...
"Man, Mrs. Furmans, that Betty sure is bossy!"
"Why is Ezra being so mean?"
"I hope Ezra and Betty can be friends again."
"Does Luna and the other dog (Skipper) sleep with you?"

Not only is it a cute story about dogs, but it is also a story of friendship.  How it comes in many forms, and shows itself in many ways.

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