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25 March 2014

{Out of the Box}: March BarkBox Review

I recently found subscription boxes and discovered how awesome they are!  Generally, how they work is, for a fee (either monthly, or every 3/6/12 months), you get a box every month filled with 6ish items (so 5-7) whose value is more than the price of the subscription. 

Today, we're looking at my March BarkBox.  If you're interested, please use my referral code (it helps me earn free boxes).  I like BarkBox as they give a portion of the proceeds from each subscription to animals in shelters, or you can donate a box to a shelter dog in need.

Here is a look at the March box:

1.  Simply Fido monkey toy.  It's stuffing free and made from organic cotton.  It's also filled with something crinkly (almost like part of a plastic bottle).  So I was a little skeptical, the last thing we need is a noisy toy!  But, Luna loved it!  Skipper doesn't play with toys, but he didn't get a chance.  I found it on Amazon for $9.49
Luna playing with her toy

Luna sleeping with her toy.  I didn't place that, she carried it with her. 
2.  N-Bone Puppy Health dental bones.  Even though Skipper is an old guy, he still got to try them (his teeth aren't that good).  Both dogs seem to like them.  On Amazon, $7.06
3.  Nootie Yumzies training treats.  We haven't tried these yet, mainly because we're in the middle of another bag of training treats.  When we're done with that bag, we'll give this one a whirl.  Other flavors on the Nootie website go for $7.99
4.  Safemade silicone bowl.  We'll probably use this as a travel water bowl, but haven't yet.  It's a very heavy, nice quality, though.  There are two similar bowls on the website, so prices range from $4.99-11.99
5.  Barkworthies bully stick.  Ok, this puts me in quite the pickle.  There is only one, and I have two dogs who love food.  I can either cut it in half, or give it to one and give the other something else.  I'll probably do #2, mainly because, as I said, Skipper's teeth aren't that great, so I'm afraid it's a little too hard for him.  Luna will devour it, though.  On the website, bully sticks start at $3.15

So, if we err on the side of caution, my $19/month (for 6 months) subscription landed us: $32.68 worth of treats and supplies.

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