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13 February 2014

{Out of the Box}: February 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box

I love subscription boxes.  They are my new favorite thing!  Basically, they way they work is that you sign up for a determined amount of time (usually by the month, 3 months, 6 months or a year), and each month they send you a box of goodies whose value exceeds the amount you paid.  Click here for my post on the boxes we've subscribed to.

Today, we're looking at what was in my February 2014 Popsugar Must-Have box.
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It comes all wrapped up nicely with a card giving a description of each item.
1.  Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum $23.99
I've been using it all week, my face feels nice and soft.  It is probably something I will now actually purchase when the bottle is empty.  However, a little bit goes a long way, so it will probably be a while before I do!
2.  Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash I couldn't find the exact product online, so estimated value $5.99
I don't use body wash, I use soap.  However, this has a nice smell, so I'll give it a whirl.
3.  NCLA Rodeo Drive Royalty Nail Polish $16.99
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 This is a nice, deep red.  It's not a Christmasy red.  It's more of a Valentine's Day red.  Very deep, almost like blood.  It's not really a color I'd pick at the store (and definitely not that price!), but now that I have it on, I really like it.  
This smells awesome!  It isn't very big, but it says it will burn for 20 hours. 
It's actually pretty cute.  I'd actually be tempted to use it as a clutch!  I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I'm sure this will be nice to use when I travel.
6.  ModelCo Lip Pops Duo Lip Gloss and Lipstick I couldn't find this exact product on the website, but their lipsticks cost $17 and their lipglosses are $16, so I'd estimate a duo at being maybe $20.
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I'm not a fan of nude lipsticks, I think they make me look like death.  I'm still torn about this one.  I don't think it makes me look that bad, but I don't know.  It smells great, though.  And lasts a pretty long time.  Even through eating (I had a Kashi granola bar this morning and the duo is still on!)

7.  Sugarwish Mini Red Cinnamon Hearts I couldn't find the exact price of this either.  But, if i do the math correctly, based on the price range of their products, this is probably about $6. 
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Apparently, Sugarwish is this company where you can send someone candy!  The giver selects the amount of money they'd like to spend, and the receiver gets to choose what candy they want!  What a cool idea!  
They range in price from $25---the receiver gets to choose 4 - 1/4 lb bags of candy
$45---the receiver gets to choose 8 - 1/4lb bags of candy, but only 4 types of candy
$65 ---the receiver gets to choose 16- 1/4 lb bags of candy, 4 different types
They've got gummies, hard candies, chewies, chocolate, licorice (ew), sugar free stuff, holiday candy, and "other".
What a cool idea! 
8 & 9.  Gift Cards /  Redeemable codes for Gorjana-Griffin ($25 off) and Sugarwish (20% off a Petite Sugarwish). 
I like the idea of Sugarwish so much that I may send this to someone.  Not sure who....maybe me....
I'm not sure if I'll use the Gorjana gift card.  Their jewelry isn't really my style, but I'll look. You never know.
Estimated total value: $153.97 + 20% off a Petite Sugarwish  

Since the box costs about $40 a month, I'll say I got my money's worth!  Yes, there is stuff that I never would have picked myself (either because of cost or not seeing the need), but I think that's the beauty of it.  Someone else saw these things, thought they were awesome and that a lot of people would like them, and sent them out.  Now, I know about Sugarwish, the face serum, that candle, and have a jewelry roll, when I didn't before.  Now, I'm hooked and those companies have a new customer. 

Come back next Thursday to see what came in our Barkbox, and then the week after, Aaron's Loot Crate.

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