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07 February 2014

Subscription Boxes

Have you heard of subscription boxes?  I hadn't either until a friend posted on twitter about one that she had signed up for.  So I looked into it, and fell down the rabbit hole.

For a fee (either per month, 3 months, 6 months or a year), you get a box of goodies delivered to your door.  They claim that what you receive is worth more than your monthly subscription fee.  There are make-up ones, ones that are just generally cool stuff, clothing ones, crafty ones, ones for Stampin' Up projects, gamer ones, and ones for dogs.  And that's all that I've looked in to.  I'm sure there are cooking ones, ones for babies, and so on. 

Like I said, I fell down the rabbit hole.  In the past month, between Aaron and I, we've signed up for 3....

My first was the PopSugar Must-Have Box.  It claims to have "hand selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness and food."  The beauty of this box is that everything is full sized.  No little trial sizes here!  I received the January box (and here is my review).  Here is a referral code from me to you (basically, if you use "my code", it will count towards me getting a free box). 

2.  Then I signed up for the Barkbox.  I have to get goodies for Luna and Skipper!  This hasn't come yet, but I'll be sure to post about what was in it when it does get here.  It is supposed to ship by the 15th.  They claim that a percentage of each box sold goes to homeless pets, and I'm cool with that.  There should be treats, toys and goodies for the pups in each box.  Here is a referral code from me to you for Barkbox.  With this code, you'll get $5 off your first box.

3.  Aaron signed up for Loot Crate, for "epic geek and gamer gear".  We haven't gotten that box yet, but it looks cool.  I can't find one specific referral code, or discount code, because apparently they change every day.  If you log-on, it's there on the left under the logo.

I wish there was a subscription box for books!  Wouldn't that be cool?  If this happens in the future, you just need to remember that it was my idea, and you need to cut me in on this sweet, sweet deal.  But seriously, wouldn't it be cool to have someone partner with a publishing house, mark their reading preferences, and for a fee every month, either be send ARCs or newly published books?  I would shell out big bucks for this.

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