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23 October 2013

What Luna Read

My dog, Luna, comes to work with me on Tuesdays and my students have the opportunity to read to her for 5-7 minutes each (depending on group size).  This helps them to practice fluency, gain confidence with their oral language, and learn vocabulary.  It also gives them a chance to read to someone who will not judge their mistakes.

I take pictures of my kiddos every week, but I cannot share their faces.  So, with a little creative photo editing, I can share something.

I love this picture as the 5th grade student is really into the book, he's engaged with reading, and it looks like Luna is paying attention!  I think the book he is reading is called, Honey Helps.

(if you'd like to donate to help me purchase more dog themed books for the kiddos to read to Luna, click here)

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