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29 June 2013

If I had $100

Inspired by Andi, of Andi's ABC's (Accessories, Books and Clothes) post, Monopoly Money Monday (and a Barenaked Ladies song), I thought, "What if I had $100 to spend?  What books or bookish things would I buy?"

Of course, there are no shipping charges or tax.  It's my fantasy money, and I've decided!  

Clicking on the image *should* take you directly to that link.

This week is full of t-shirts from .  They're all pretty funny and right up my nerdy alley.  I might not wear all of them, but I would find it HILARIOUS if Aaron did.  When I made this post each shirt was $20.

I'm A Keeper 
Go Ape: Brains
$20 Butterbeer Harry Potter shirt from busted Tees.
(I saw this one on Pinterest, which led me to Busted Tees, but I couldn't find the actual tee shirt.  We'll pretend that it's still in stock and $20)

And just because I think I've finally jumped on the Arrested Development bandwagon and LOVING IT, I thought I'd throw in a bonus tee:
Bluth's Frozen Banana

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