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28 February 2013

*Updated* Thursday #Thirstday (new---with pictures!)

Thursday is now #Thirstday !  Hosted by David Etkin of Eat The Book you just post a picture of a book and a beverage you're drinking.

Yes, so I normally schedule this to post every Thursday.  Just so it's on my blog post dashboard (or whatever it's called) and I can see it.  I usually take my picture at home, email it to myself and then either upload it at home or at school (because I get there at 7 and have time).  I did not have time this morning, and the post posted without me! I realized about 10 this morning and turned it back into a draft.  But, DOH!

So, today I am reading CHOMP by Carl Hiassen and SOLUTIONS FOR READING COMPREHENSION by Linda Hoyt et al (highly recommend!  The lessons in here are great!)  

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