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28 February 2013

{Deep Thoughts} Game of Thrones 4

Ok, like before, this will be a running list of my thoughts and questions while reading GAME OF THRONES 4 (A FEAST FOR CROWS)

~I'm also watching Game of Thrones, Season 1.  Does anyone else think that Jaime Lannister looks like Prince Charming from Shrek 2?  Apparently not, as I found this picture:

But seriously, did the illustrators of Shrek meet this man beforehand and use him as a model?  Sheesh.

~Will we learn what happened to Benjen Stark?  Does he make an appearance?  Does anybody else wonder about him?  I looked at several different wikis and fan sites, but nothing much is mentioned, except that he could be Cold Hands

~So is Littlefinger (Petyr Baelish) behind like EVERYTHING?

~I thought Arya was taking a boat to The Wall to see Jon.  I realize that the ship she got on was going to Braavos, but once she got there, why didn't she hop another ship to The Wall?  Why did she hang around in The Temple of Black and White?

~Take a moment and make a sad face for Davos Seaworth.  Yet another honorable man caught by Cersei.

~My learned history is getting in the way.  I keep wondering how those Dornish women (Arianne and the Sand Snakes) keep getting away with their behavior, (like in medieval times the natural offspring of a prince wouldn't be held in such high regard) and then I remember that this is a fantasy land and they are made up characters.  But, as I work this paragraph out in my head, why were King Robert's "natural" children not thought of in higher regard?  Was it because their mothers were of lesser status?

~I really hope the girls travel to The Wall and find Jon.  And at least have some semblance of a family.

~What happened to Rickon?  Are we going to see him again?  And what of Bran?

~I am starting to get creeped out by the liberties Littlefinger is taking with Sansa/Alayne.  He's supposed to act like her father, not a boyfriend.  

~Lady Stoneheart/Catelyn makes me sad.  Catelyn was a hard woman, but not cruel.  This creature that she has turned into is just horrid.  I was upset when she died, but I'm more upset that she came back as such a horrible thing.

~I feel like this book could be subtitled, "All about Cersei".  She was the lead narrator by far!  I didn't mind that much because it gave insight into that pretty, twisted little head of hers, but I wanted to hear from some other people, too!  I'm also glad she's getting her comeuppance.  It's time for her downfall.... 

~I'm disappointed there wasn't more about Dany, but Mr. Martin promised in the epilogue that more will be about her and The Wall in the next book.

~this Pate character in Oldtown interests me. Who is he? What does he want? Did Sam do the right thing in talking with that Maester and not the other? He's so trusting!

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