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14 February 2013

Review: Spoon by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


I just wanted to give a little "shout-out" to SPOON by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Scott Magoon.  It's such a cute little book!

Much like the duo's CHOPSTICKS, SPOON tells the tale of a utensil that feels out of place.  Spoon doesn't do all the fun things like Fork, Knife or even Chopsticks gets to do.  It isn't until he talks to his mom that he realizes what a wonderful life he has (like when he gets to dive headfirst into a bowl of ice cream---who doesn't want to do that?)

I love the ending though, I think its the best part.  Spoon climbs in bed with his parents, and they "spoon"! 

I think its a great way to show kids, again, that differences make you special. 

(Here is my review of CHOPSTICKS)


  1. I've read this to my daughter before. It was cute!

  2. Ohh... I love to find good picture books!!


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