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05 February 2013

{Deep Thoughts}: A Storm of Swords

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These are my thoughts as I read A STORM OF SWORDS.  I didn't edit them, and usually typed them as I thought them (while I was reading).

~Daenerys is awesome.  I want a whole book dedicated to her.

~Why the heck can't Arya get home?  I mean shoot!  It took them FOREVER to get her back!  Geesh!  I'd have run off a lot sooner than she did.  Looking at the map in the beginning of the book, she basically travelled in circles for what I'm assuming was months.  What the heck?  They should have kidnapped a Maester with a magical medieval GPS.

~I had to google "What happened at Summerhall"  because it kept getting mentioned, but only in bits and pieces, and I just wanted a linear answer.  This site has the best answer.

~Then I had to google "What happened at the Tourney at Harrenhall"  Same as above.  They kept talking about it, but I never got a direct answer.  This wiki had the best answer.  And now I know that I was right---this is the tourney that Meera told the story of (the little crannnogman who went traveling).  This also raises more questions:  Did Rhaegar really arrange the tourney to meet with lords to dispose of his father (not dispose of, but like remove from kingship)?  Why did he name Lyanna Stark the Queen of Love and Beauty?  Did he NOT KNOW the impact of this?  I mean, dude, just name your wife.  Seriously.  And finally, who was the "Knight of the Laughing Tree"?  Was it Ned?

~WHO IS JON SNOW'S MOTHER?  Is it seriously Lady Ashara?  Is it Wylla?  Is he really Ned's son?  Is he the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar?  I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!

~and speaking of Jon Snow, how did/why did he go so far south with the Wildlings?  Did they forget where the Wall was?

~And now back to Arya....she finally got to the castle where her mother was....AND THAT THING HAPPENED LIKE 2 SECONDS BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Poor kid.

~I'm way too invested in the Stark family.  I was devistated when the previously mentioned "THING" happened.  First a "thing" happened to Ned.  Then the big "THING" happened to Robb and Caitlyn.  Geesh!

~I'm really not sure what to make of Jojen and his green dreams.  They kind of freak me out.  I understand Bran linking minds or whatever with Summer, the direwolves have always been important, but Jojen is an odd duck.  

~JUSTICE!  Bye, by Joffrey, you psychopath.  But, who ordered it? (*updated thought:  after I finished the book, I still don't know who to believe).

~What's going to happen to Sansa?  Again, way to invested and worried about the Stark family.

~Davos Seaworth is a wonderful man.  He has my utmost respect.

~That Red Woman is crazy-pants.  I'm slightly scared of her.

~THE EPILOGUE!  What in the what?!??!?!  

~Ok, I finished the book.  I actually yelled, "NO!  It can't end here!"...lets make it 1500 pages!  Time to put #4 on hold and carve out two weeks to read it!

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