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30 January 2013

{Deep Thoughts}: Best part of Game of far

I'm on book 3, A STORM OF SWORDS, and after reading part of this book and all of the first 2, I realized I need more Daenerys. That girl kicks butt, I love it and I want more. She needs more chapters, or better yet, a whole spin-off book dedicated just to her.

I was reading at the waterpark on Saturday while my husband was riding the flowrider (I wasn't, am sick..again) and came across the following passage that made me want to scream 'You go girl!' and high five someone...

(I'm going to try not to give any spoilers away, and I don't really think I can because I haven't reached the end of the book)...but this is from Dany's chapter in Astaphor where she is buying her army of Unsullied.  These Unsullied are like robots: they are trained to listen, to not talk, to not feel (I'm seriously over-simplifying that, and she hates it.  But she needs them to win back the kingdom.  In previous pages, Dany had a bit of a crisis of conscience (regarding honor in general and, if there was honor in fighting with slaves).  The price of her army is high:  everything on her boats, her boats, a bunch of money, and a dragon (Drogon).
I think when she says that "A dragon is no slave.", she's also talking about herself.  She won't bend her will to someone else's.  The following pages go on to reveal that she freed the people of Astaphor from the (not so) "Great Masters".   

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