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03 November 2012

Authors are my rockstars!

Sorry for the wrinkly blanket!  I thought it would be a nicer backdrop than my old couch...didn't realize it was bunchy! 
 Today, at the Charlottesville Barnes and Noble (about 1 hour east over the mountain from me), the Friends of the Crozet Library were hosting an event featuring local authors.  They are building a new library in Crozet, Virginia, the first that county since before I was born.  The county can fund the actual building, but the community needs to fund the decorations, etc.  So, the event today was to raise money for the library.

I heard about this from author Jodi Meadows (Incarnate) on twitter (@jodimeadows).  She lives only about 20 minutes from me, which I think is just the coolest thing EVER!  Not only is Jodi a great author, but she's so nice!  She'll talk to you on twitter, and when I walked in, asked if I was Amanda!  In person, I'm pretty shy until I get to know you (I'm shy on twitter, too, but I just didn't know what to do/say) and so meeting her was intimidating to me.  Jodi made it so easy, and I really appreciate that.

But anyway, also with her was Kristen-Paige Madonia (Fingerprints of You), Hannah Barnaby (Wonder Show) and Anne Marie Pace (Vampirina Ballerina).  I wasn't expecting other YA and children's book authors to be there!  It was a very happy surprise!
 The cover of Incarnate is just beautiful, so ethereal, bright and fully of my favorite colors!  But, you may not know, I LOVE the old school tattoo style, so the cover of Fingerprints of You instantly drew me in.  The muted colors of Wonder Show really makes me wonder (no pun intended) about the book, and Vampirina Ballerina's black and pink just makes me happy.

An author post wouldn't be complete without me showing you the signatures!  In talking with Jodi, Kristen-Paige and Hannah (Anne Marie was at another table), I learned that Kristen-Paige was also a JMU* girl and would be coming to JMU to do a reading on Wednesday night, so that was pretty cool!

I really hope it snows soon, so I can just sit and read!  Thank you to all the authors for just being so nice and really curing me of my nervousness.  

*James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg

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