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23 October 2012

Review: Return of the Library Dragon

Return of the Library Dragon
image from amazon

Oh my goodness!  What a great book!  Not only is it a tongue in cheek look at technology in the book world, it's also a reminder that some things just can't be digitized (like the smell of books), but it's also just a cute story.  

Miss Lotty is retiring, and her district decided to go digital.  They sent Mr. Mike Krochip to update everything---including getting rid of all the books and making them digital files!  And does Miss Lotty get angry!  But soon, sanity prevails in the form of Miss Molly.

I love my iPad and reading books on it, and I know my students like using the book apps that I download.  And I know that this is the way that things will eventually go.  But, nothing can replace the feel of a book in my hands, or the musty smell of an old book. 

Carmen Agra Deedy is a favorite author of mine.  I have yet to read a book of hers that I did not enjoy.  While this book was short in length, it's words packed a huge punch.  

Michael P. White's illustrations were great!  They were simple and full of bright, vibrant colors (water colors, I think), but not cartoonish.  They were the icing on the cake.

Another thing to look for when reading this book, is the front pages and the back matter.  They are full of quotes on books, and the importance of reading and libraries.  I want to copy each and every one of them down and post them around my room!

You do not have to read The Library Dragon to enjoy this book.  It can stand by itself.

As a special bonus, Peachtree Publishers is holding a contest on their blog to win your very own copy!  Just head on over and enter!  Good luck!

I'd like to thank Peachtree Publishers for sending me a copy to review and for letting me be part of their blog tour.  I really appreciate it.

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