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10 October 2012

{10/10} my #schooljoy

My #schooljoy for today is being able to celebrate Auggie's birthday with my students (see post in about an hour with more details!).

Just something funny that happened today (and again, pardon my sense of humor):  My 3rd grade group is two little boys who are pretty energetic.  Today, one of them was very gassy.  Which made the other one yell and then laugh uncontrollably and then try to pass gas.  I finally had to tell them that it was rude to do that during class, but if they felt like they had to, that they could go out into the hall and do it out there.  Well....they both ended up out in the hall....they excused themselves, went out (giggled), and came back in.  No problemo.  Geesh! 

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