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10 October 2012

Happy birthday, Auggie!

Today is Auggie's (the main character from Wonder by RJ Palacio) birthday!  It is also National Bullying Prevention Day. 

I decided to hold a birthday party for Auggie with my 4th grade group.

Screenshot of the party invite
 After lengthy deliberations (LENGTHY), we chose to have pumpkin pie to celebrate (and it also happens to be orange!) 
Not the actual pie, that pic didn't come through.  This is from google images.

We got on the Choose Kind tumblr and talked about the pledge.  We signed as a group, just under my name, but then they got upset and wanted their names.  So, I added them.  Then I actually made them pledge (repeating after me this pledge I made up). 
Then we wrote about being kind (it says:  What does it mean to be kind?  What does it look like?  What does it sound like? and How can you stand up to a bully? .
Journal prompt.  Also orange! 
Here are some of their responses:
AE:  drew a picture of kind vs unkind.  He wrote: "bieng nice to others and ask them poulitley for help."
Al:  "Do not make fun of people.  help other people ensted."
PA:  made a list of what kind looked and sounded like. 
JS:  "it means to be nice to peopel and to talk and care for them.  like a explempel would you like to play with me?.  you have to be nice to peopel to get friends.  to be your friend.  to be kind is to help them if thay have a problume."
YS: also made a list of what kind looks and sounds like.

They were all very proud that they had SOMETHING on that was orange, even if it was a hair tie, socks or writing on their pants (I had orange nail polish as I realized last night that the only orange things I had were halloween socks and a peach top).  It worked.

We had a great time, and I'm really happy that I get to share WONDER with my kiddos. 

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