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31 August 2012

Using Pinterest at School {Back to School Ideas}

To continue with my "Using Pinterest at School" posts, today's pins come to you from my "Back to School" board.  This is a variety of gift ideas, first day poems, stuff to put up on the smartboard/projector, etc.   

Clicking the image will take you to the original source.

Here are my favorite "Back to School" pins (in no particular order):
10.  Poem, "Twas the Night Before School Started"

9.  A "getting to know you" activity
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

8.  Anchor chart for what respect looks and sounds like.  Maybe a good thing to create together on the first day.

7.  Back to School Jitters youtube video
Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

6.  A cool twist on the traditional getting to know you page.  If I remember correctly, the link doesn't work, but it isn't hard to make your own (email me)

5.  Back to school free printables

4.  Please note that this link just takes you to the teacher's very cute blog, but doesn't tell you how to make a QR code.  See my blog post (here) for easy directions how to make your very own scanny code.

3.  Make a "Me Bag"

2.  Great list of procedures (even for veteran teachers)

1.  You're o'fish'ally a __________ grader

As always, if you like my pins, or would like to see more, feel free to give me a follow.  If you leave a comment here and tell me you did, I'd love to follow you back. 

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