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11 August 2012

Dog Days of Summer Blog Hop: Day 2

For more information about The Dog Days of Summer blog fest, to participate, to see the questions for the next few days or to see the other blogs participating, hop on over here, or click the image above.

Day 2's question is:  What activities do you plan before summer is over?

Well, I had to look at my calendar before I answered this question.  Not because I'm just a social butterfly with so much on her calendar, but because teacher work days and meetings (some even before work days start) are starting the 17th. So, I guess that would mark the end of my summer?    Technically, school doesn't start until September 4th, but we have a lot to do to get ready for school.

This weekend, I plan on visiting my inlaws (must remember to bring my elastic waist pants as my MIL is a great cook).  The 19th, my husband would like to go to a MLB game.  Other than that, I have nothing planned!  Try and read some more.  I wanted to clean my house a little bit better over summer....but that's probably not going to happen....oh yeah...I want to go see The Campaign (Will Ferrell's new movie)

What about you?


  1. MY late MIL was also a great cook. I really miss the pies she would bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. I can't believe school is staring already. My son's preschool starts in ten days. Still, we'll be visiting my in-laws the Labor Day weekend and going to Family Day at Gen Con in a week.

  3. Cool plans, Amanda! Yes, teachers don't have it easy--the summer's kinda cut short for you, isn't it? Enjoy your last days, and have fun at your in-laws!

  4. Our school starts August 20, but I don't think the teachers go back until the 13th. The first few weeks are rough--it's too hot for the kids to sit in school with no AC!

    Enjoy the movie. I plan to see that one, too :-)

  5. What teams does he want to see? I wasn't aware of what city you live in is why I asked. I'd love to have the time to buy season tickets to an MLB team.

    Yeah, as a teacher, I am well aware of the, I mean seeing those lovely students again. lol

    I went and saw The Bourne Legacy yesterday (and enjoyed it). Before the film, I saw the preview of "The Campaign" after having seen a short by Ferell et al on the Hollywood Reporter website. It looks like a lot of fun.

    1. We live about 2 hours from DC, so we're going to try to see a Nationals game. They aren't "my" team, but baseball is baseball, right?

      I'm excited to see my students and (most of) my colleagues, I think its just the lack of freedom that I dread. I can't get up at 7:30 anymore, or sit around in my pj's until 2:00, shower and then put on a clean pair. But, oh well....

      I think I'd really like the Bourne Legacy, but I haven't yet seen the others, and I think that is one set of movies that you have to see from the beginning...


  6. Oooh. I want to see The Campaign too. And the Bourne Legacy, and there were at least two more. Summer is definitely about great movies. Enjoy what's left of the Dog Days!
    A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between

  7. I'm a teacher, too. August can feel like a month-long Sunday. Enjoy the Dog Days!


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