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07 December 2011

Review: A Green, Green Garden

Mercer Mayer is probably best known for his "Little Critter" series of books, but he also does wonderful wordless books that I love to use to get kids writing (but thats neither here nor there).  A Green, Green Garden is another in the Little Critter series, but this time, its an I Can Read book.
Here is the summary from Goodreads:
Little Critter and his family plant some vegetables. After lots of watering, weeding, and waiting, they enjoy a delicious meal—all from their green, green garden.

Written in a similar pattern to the other Little Critter books, A Green Green Garden is a great choice for a student wanting the next step up.  Its a procedural book, telling all the steps involved in creating a green garden (including picking rocks and getting so hot you need a drink of water), without being boring.  I like that it includes all the steps, as most planting books say something like, "First we planted.  Then we watered, then we waited."  with nothing in between.

I enjoyed the book, I thought it was cute.  Little Critter isn't my favorite character, but students enjoy his antics and attitude.
This is a Cybils nominated book by Kristen Harvey of The Bookmonsters. 

All opinions expressed in this review are mine, and not that of the committee.

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