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02 December 2011

Friday Night Mental Movie: The Underland Chronicles

Friday Night Mental Movie is a weekly (ok, it tries to be weekly) posting that I host in which I cast the movie version of a book I recently read and invite you to do the same.  Click the tab above for more information / guidelines.

This week's FNMM is the main cast of the Underland Chronicles series by Suzanne Collins, however mainly focusing on book 1, Gregor the Overlander, I did go ahead and cast the major characters from other books in the series.  (Read my review of the series here)  In my head, the Underland characters all had sort of a British accent, which is why all of them are British actors (mainly from Harry Potter films).
As Gregor, Nolan Gould
As Luxa, Jessie Cave
*I know Gregor and Luxa are supposed to be the same age, but this is who I pictured.*
 As Boots, one of the Olson Twins aka Michelle Tanner (with dark hair dye.  Hey---its a dream casting)
As the voice of Temp, Rhys Ifans (he's got such an interesting accent!)
As the voice of Ripred, Clive Owen
As the voice of Ares,  Jamie Campbell Bower
As Henry, Devon Murray
As the voice of The Bane, Jason Issacs (aka Lucius Malfoy....the Bane is all white---just made me think of a Malfoy...) and of course, the young Bane would be voiced by  Tom Felton...
As Solovet, Judy Dench
As Vikus, Michael Gambon
As Nerissa, Evanna Lynch (I can't do a moony character without her!)
 As Gregor's Dad, Johnny Depp

Who did you cast?

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