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22 October 2011

Friday Night Mental Movie: Juniper Berry

Friday Night Mental Movie is a weekly posting hosted by yours truely.  In it, I ask you to "cast" the book that you are currently reading or recently finished.  As I read, I often visualize different celebrities as the characters.

My FNMM this week is Juniper Berry by M. P. Kozlowsky (on amazon here)  I picked this book up over the summer and didn't have a chance to read it until now, and if I may say, this book is almost as creepy as Coraline!

Sorry its not actually Friday---I had this post started yesterday, but I couldn't remember Skeksyl's name and had loaned out my book already, so I had to do some digging!  

Anyway, here is who I pictured while I was reading Juniper Berry:

Joey King (from Ramona and Beezus) As Juniper Berry
 Angelina Jolie as Mrs. Berry

 Brad Pitt as Mr. Berry

 Christopher Walkin as Skeksyl

Zachary Gordon  as Giles

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