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19 October 2011

Bookish Crafts

One of the things I like to do besides read and blog (and take pictures and flowboard) is to be crafty.  I like to knit (usually just scarves), and I'm learning to crochet.  But, I have a problem of starting something and then not finishing, or it not turning out as good as I had pictured it.  But, not this craft! 

I saw a picture of a candle holder covered in old book pages a couple weeks ago, I knew I had to try.  It looked so cool!  I've been collecting old books in hopes of having time to actually sit down and be crafty.

I thought you guys would be interested in seeing the final product and how I did it, too.

I plan on making several vases or candle holders, using a bunch of old books, but the first one I used was Twilight.

For this project, you'll need 
*A clean glass vase, jar or candle holder 
*Modge Podge (or decopage glue), a paint brush or sponge brush (I used a sponge brush)
*A book you don't mind cutting up (look for interesting pictures or quotes)
 *Apply a thin coat of Modge Podge to the back of whatever you want to glue and place it on the vase (make sure to smooth it out)

And here is the final version:

The picture I saw has the vase covered completely with pages, pictures and quotes, but that was just too busy for me, but its always a suggestion.  I wanted to highlight quotes that I thought were important to the book, rather than just pages.  

If you have any bookish craft ideas, I'd love to feature them!  Please send an email to letting me know! 

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