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03 September 2011

Shelf Candy #2

Shelf Candy is a weekly meme hosted by the mother-daughter duo behind the awesome Five Alarm Book Reviews created to showcase book covers (both old and new) that caught our attention. 

My Shelf Candy for this week is the Harry Potter popup book.  This book combines 2 of my favorite things:  popup books and Harry Potter.  When I saw this at one of the many Borders we stopped at on our vacation, I didn't stop to look, I didn't stop to ask my husband if it was ok to add another book to my already pretty big haul, I just grabbed.

Here are some shots of the inside (with my squishy couch as background!)
Diagon Alley


The Forbidden Forrest (thats Aragog in the background)

"Magical Games and Sports"

The author of the book is Lucy Kee, and in fact, its really just a movie factoid book.  But here is the part I like, the "paper engineer" is Bruce Foster with the art by Andrew Williamson.  Both have super impressive resumes, such as Bruce most notably designing the opening credits for the movie "Tangled" and Andrew being the film concept artist for the Harry Potter movies.  
I really don't know why I like popup books so much.  I'll probably do more Shelf Candy posts on my collection, because geez, I just can't get enough! 


  1. I have never seen this. This is like pop up book gone extreme. It is quite incredible. Thanks for participating in Shelf Candy.

  2. This book looks gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing your pics! Can't wait to see what you have lined up for next week.



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