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10 June 2015

My day is made...JK Rowling Confirms American Wizarding School

Author J.K. Rowling at the Empire State Building in New York City on April 9, 2015.
(image from the below article)

I knew it!  In a recent tweet, the Queen herself, JK Rowling, confirmed an American version of Hogwarts.  She will not confirm location, except that it is not in New York.  But, says that indigenous magic (read:  Native American) helped create it.

Where do you think it's located?  And what tribes do you think played a role in its creation?  I'm hoping Virginia!  But could see midwest or the Plains.

For the full article, read here

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  1. Oh Em Gee!! This is such an AMAzZING news!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!


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