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07 January 2015

Which was your favorite Harry Potter movie?

Yesterday, I posted about, and asked you to share your favorite Harry Potter book.  Today, we're talking about our favorite Harry Potter movie.

I shared that I liked the book version of #1 (Sorcerer's Stone) the best and my least favorite book was #5 (Order of the Phoenix).  However, my favorite movies are 5-8.  They are darker and more adult, and less child-like.  The art direction is better, as is the CGI.  These are the movies that make me feel like I'm part of the movie.  I love watching the earlier ones, but these, at least visually, make me feel like I'm there.

Also, of all of them, I'm least likely to watch #1.  I like the beginning, when Harry is learning that he's a wizard, but I find the ending "battle" with Quirrell almost laughable.

But, what is your favorite movie(s)?  If you wouldn't mind sharing on the form below, I'd like to share responses on January 25 (link here if the form doesn't work)

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