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20 January 2015

Where would American witches and wizards go to school?

Yesterday, I posted about Hogwarts, which got me thinking...where would American witches and wizards attend school?

The books only talk about the European schools, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.  What about everyone else?

So I did some digging.  On the Harry Potter wikia, they state that there are 11 Wizarding Schools:
     *Beauxbatons (France)
     *Durmstrang Institute (Scandinavia)
     *Mahoutokoro (Japan)
     *Koldovstoretz (Russia)
     *Uagadou School of Magic (Africa)
The rest are unnamed and locations are undisclosed.  But, there is speculation that there is a school in Brazil, and the one in the US is named Salem Witches' Academy.

So, rest assured, American friends, if we are unable to study abroad, we can go to our unnamed "safety school".

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