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18 January 2015

Favorite class

I always thought that, even though it was taught by Snape, Potions would be my favorite class at Hogwarts.  I look at it as reading a recipe and then adding your own flair.  And I love to cook.

But then, I thought---"OH GOD, it's the wizarding version of chemistry!  And I am NOT a fan of chemistry!  In fact, chemistry doesn't really like me either."

So, I starting thinking about the other classes offered at Hogwarts and their American high school equivalents:
     -Care of Magical Creatures---Vet Tech program
     -History of Magic---History
     -Muggle Studies---Anthropology/Sociology/Psychology
     -Herbology---biology or horticulture

Other classes:  Defense Against the Dark Arts, Flying, Divination, Study of Ancient Runes

(So maybe Potions is the equivalent of Home Ec?)

I wanted to know what I'd excel at if I was a witch (if---more like when!  When am I getting my Hogwarts letter?!?!?!)  So, I looked for a quiz online.  And wouldn't you know, I found it on a friend's wall on facebook.  Thank you Buzzfeed for helping me find out what would be my best subject at Hogwarts.  Now, I know for some best subject and favorite class aren't necessarily the same thing, but generally for me, I do better at classes I like and vice versa.

And my results:
  1. You got: Charms

    Not so surprisingly, Charms specializes in the teaching of charms. Students are taught specific wand movements and proper pronunciation. Often students partner up in class to experiment on one another. Choose wisely!

    Warner Bros. / Via

I like that.  I can deal with charms.  And honestly, in my head, that is my second favorite class.  Third being transfiguration.  I think Professor McGonnagal would be hard, but awesome to learn from!

You can take the quiz here to see what your best subject would be.

(List of classes from Harry Potter wikia)

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