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10 October 2014

Goodbye, friend

I know that I've been a little flakey with the blog lately.  I haven't posted much, nor have I looked at other blogs or even gotten on twitter very much.  Things were hectic with the beginning of school, but that is no excuse.  Other teachers blog, I just don't want this to feel like work, too.

But anyway, I just wanted to share a big thing that happened recently as it's been pretty hard for me.  We recently had to make the hard decision to put our older dog, Skipper, to sleep.  He might have been a small, smelly, barky dog, but he was my small, smelly, barky dog.  

He's been on my mind lately, remembering both the good things and bad.  We got new cell phones the other day and I insisted that ALL my pictures and videos be transferred over, no matter how long it took, because there were some pictures of Skip that I didn't want to get rid of....

So, I may post about Luna, our other dog, but I might not.  It's still weird to think that it's only her now.  

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