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08 August 2014

{Out of the Box}: August 2014 Jamberry Stylebox

Out of the Box is a feature I do to showcase and give a brief review of products in the subscription boxes that I receive.

Jamberry is a new(er) company that sells nail wraps in a multitude of designs and patterns.  It's a direct sales company, like Mary Kay, Avon or Thirty-one purses, so you generally learn about things through a consultant at a party.

My friend was hosting an online party, and I wanted to buy some stuff, and I had a TON of wraps picked out (they're buy 3 get 1 free), but when I saw that Jamberry had a subscription box, I knew THAT was what I wanted to get.

It is $75 for a 3 month subscription, which they take out at the beginning.  Then after that, it is $25 a month.  At this time, you cannot do an initial month-to-month.  But, once your 3, 6, or 12 month subscription is up, you can.

Anyway, I made this video of me opening my first box!  Enjoy!  If it doesn't show, click here.  As you know, I don't usually do videos, but hey, why not?  

Click here for the "official" Jamberry application video

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