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01 July 2014

#HarryPotterReread : Week 3

LESS THAN 20 DAYS!!!!!!!!

I finished Book 1 and have started Book 2.

And before I start talking about Book 2, I have some questions and theories about Book 1 that I want to address:
     *Why the Snape hunt?  It's a big jump from hated teacher to evil minion of the Dark Lord.  In book 1, Snape never really interacted with the kids except to shoot them nasty looks and give them lots of homework.  Why then do they just assume that he is in evil cahoots with Voldemort?
     *Also, you'd think after learning that it was Quirrell behind the wonky broom incident at the Quidditch match, and the troll NOT Snape, and that Snape was actually trying to protect Harry and the Stone, you'd think they'd let up a little.  In fact, you'd think that by book 3, the kids would just realize he's kind of a slimeball with no social skills, but not actually an evil mastermind.
     *I saw this post on Facebook the other day (and about died), but then started thinking about books written from the other character's perspectives.  Below, I'll share my suggestions...

Photo: "Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake"

JK Rowling responds to a fan imagining the world of Harry Potter from Draco's perspective.

Which one is your favorite?
          If Book 1 was from another character's perspective:
               1.  Neville Longbottom and the Missing Frog
               2.  Ron Weasley and the Good Chess Game
               3.  Hermione Granger and all the stupid people
               4.  Ginny Weasley and the book she wasn't in except for 2 sentences at the beginning and end.
               5.  Neville Longbottom and the Time He Was a Tattletale

I'll check in later on in the week with some of my thoughts on Book 2. 

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