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03 June 2014

Back to life, back to reality

This past week has been amazing!  I was fortunate enough to be part of the Armchair BEA planning team, helping to coordinate the Oh Snap! Instagram Challenge.  I also was prize patrol for the Monday evening twitter party---I had no idea that twitter parties and chats go SO QUICKLY!  I had to lay down for a bit after all that!  (Not really, but it made my head spin!)  I loved interacting with everyone, saw some great new-to-me blogs, met some cool people, and saw some very creative people as part of the Instagram Challenge.  I can't wait until next year!

In case you missed my Armchair BEA posts, here they are:
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Day 5:  Genre Discussion---Middle Grades and YA

And not only that, but we had guests this weekend---our second family!  Our friend, Britta and her 3 children stopped for the weekend on their way from Arizona to New Jersey.  

We visited my new favorite food truck (Lobsta Rollin') on Friday.

On Saturday, we went for what felt like a 100 mile hike, but was actually only 5 along the Massanutten Ridge.  
Displaying photo 1.JPG
The treeline, looking out onto Harrisonburg.

After that, we visited a lavender farm , sadly the lavender isn't in bloom yet, but the products that they made smelled, and tasted(!), wonderful!  

We then spent time searching for hair chalk and ended up just getting oil pastel chalk from Michaels.  It did the same thing, was a whole lot cheaper for more colors!  Here we are trying to take a good selfie!  I did mine with a pink streak, Britta did purple, and her daughter did beautiful sea green tips!  Yes, it washes out pretty quickly, but it was fun!  

Then we went to a local baseball game.

 I also got this sweet Dementor to guard my house.  Freaked some neighbors out. 

Sunday, we went to Massanutten waterpark---I think the adults needed a nap after this day.  In fact, both Britta and I may or may not have fallen asleep at the waterpark while waiting on children!  

Then we went to Benny Sorrentino's for dinner.  We'd never been, but will definitely be back!  The slice was honestly too big for 2 plates!  It was bigger than my face!  I ate the whole thing, but was in a Thanksgiving-sized food coma afterwards.

And now...back to normal life.  I had such a great week.  Thanks for being part of it!  

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