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04 January 2014

Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge, Day 15: Favorite Book to Film Adaptations

For me, this is a toughie.  I don't know why, probably because it really bugs me when there is anything different between the book and the movie (I"M LOOKING AT YOU, ANGELS AND DEMONS!)  I also am not always quick on the uptake in realizing that the movie was a book first!  That being said, here are some of my favs:

Harry Potter 8 Film Collection.jpg
This should come as no surprise to anyone.
HungerGamesPoster.jpg Catching-Fire poster.jpg
And I would argue that Catching Fire was better than The Hunger Games.
World War Z poster.jpg
Surprisingly enough, World War Z.  I didn't like the book.  I didn't see how it would EVER translate to a movie.  But, I really enjoyed the movie.

(movie poster images from their wikipedia pages)

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