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01 January 2014

Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge, Day 12: What are your New Year's Reading Resolutions

Happy New Year!  I hope those of you who stayed up, stayed safe, and those of you who fell asleep had a good night's sleep.

I really thought when I made my goal last year of 175 books and 10,000 pages that the "books read" goal would be the one that I met, because of picture books I read at school and books for Virginia Reader's Choice.  I really didn't expect to meet the "pages read" goal, and honestly threw that one in just because I was so confident that I'd meet my "books read" goal.  WAS I EVER WRONG!  I blew that "pages read" goal out of the water and the "books read" goal, while close, wasn't met.  At final count, I read 21, 497 pages and 161 books.  Though I do know that reading all the Game of Thrones books really helped that pages total!

Because I don't plan on rereading GoT (ok, I might, who knows), I'm going to keep my pages read goal at 10,000 and lower my books read goal to 150.  I know you should push yourself, but I want my goals to be realistic and not cause me to burn out.  I know I'll have stuff going on and I won't want to read every night.

I'd also like to set a blogging goal of posting a review at least once a week.  I like participating in the weekly thingies (like It's Monday!), or the blogger challenges (obviously), but those don't add "content" to my blog.  They help you get to know me a little better.  I'd also like to share more of what happens in my classroom.  So once a week, expect a review and something that happened in my classroom. 

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  1. Wow! You did phenomenal with your goal from last year. The GoT books are quite the chunkers, but I've heard nothing but amazing things. :o)

    Here's to another fabulous year of reading!!! And thank you again for thinking of me for this. <3


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