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24 January 2014

#BookBlogWalkers : Week 2

Book Blog Walkers 2014 #BookBlogWalkers 

Felicia, The Geeky Book Blogger,  is hosting a great way to get motivated to be healthy!  Just follow the #bookblogwalkers hashtag on twitter, tweet what exercise you've been doing that day and link up.  At the end of the month, Felicia will choose a participant to win a book of their choice ($10 value) from Amazon or Book Depository.  

I joined because I had no motivation to do anything.  Since then, I've had some serious conversations with my doctor about my health, and some conversations with Aaron about what all is linked to being overweight, and said, "Enough.  Get off your butt and do something."  

And I'm about to type words that I never thought I'd say:  I LOVE SPIN CLASS!

So, because I've been off the entire week due to weather, I've been able to do a little more than I thought I could.  I...
Monday:  met with a personal trainer and worked out (my new gym offers 3 free sessions)
Tuesday:  the gym closed due to weather
Wednesday:  worked out, walked/ran a mile, and then did Power Yoga
Friday:  Spin Class and Power Yoga

And I know it isn't much, but I've lost 3-5 pounds since I started last week---depends on which scale I use, how much clothing I have on, and the time of day.


  1. That's fantastic Amanda! Congratulations on the weight loss! And I too love spin class and never dreamed I would. I don't have a gym membership at the moment, but when I did I went at least 1x a week. I even bought one of those padded seats to put over the cycle seat because it can start to hurt! Lol congrats on such a successful week!

  2. Power Yoga sounds interesting. Yoga is tough I discovered myself this month. It is my first time doing it but I am excited. So glad you have met up with your Doctor. The Book Blog Walkers has really inspired quite a few people. Glad I learned about it. Here is my update:

    Book Blog Walkers



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