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09 December 2013

Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge

Andi and I would like to invite you to join us in the Winter Break Book Blogger Challenge!  We had so much fun doing the 15 day book blogger challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine over the summer, that we thought that it would be fun to do one in winter!

We decided to run it from December 21 through January 5th (my actual winter break from teaching).

Please sign up via the linky below (open until December 20), then visit either of our blogs each day to share your posts.

Below are the prompts for each day, feel free to use the above button (just copy and paste), the below button, or the button for each day in your posts (I'll have mine in a tab above so you can just copy/paste).

Feel free to do any or all of the posts, but know there will be a special prize for 2 lucky participants (those who participate every day, and link up by January 5), awarded by each blog.

 I know the list is small, so here is a list of each day:
December 21:  Your favorite books set in Winter
December 22:  A pic of your TBR (pile, next read, etc)
December 23:  A pic of your current read
December 24:  Were you a good blogger this year?  What are the top 5 books you hope Santa brings you?
December 25:  What is your favorite holiday read?  It doesn't have to be a holiday book, just one you read over the holidays that makes you feel good
December 26:  What is a favorite bookish quote?
December 27:  What is your favorite bookish family or friendship?
December 28:  Be creative!  Take a pic of something that represents a book to you, like bread for The Hunger Games (Peeta) or an owl for Harry Potter
December 29:  A look back---what were your favorite books/reviews/posts from this year
December 30:  A look back---did you meet your goals?
December 31:  What bookish character would you most like to spend NYE with?
January 1:  What are your bookish goals or resolutions for this year?
January 2:  Take a pic of your life outside of blogging/books
January 3:  What is a bookish item you wish you had found in your stocking this year?
January 4:  Your favorite book to movie adaptation
January 5:  Books you are looking forward to reading in 2014
(January 6:  Link up for those who participated every day)
 I hope you join us! 

1 comment:

  1. I shall have to give this blogging challenge some serious thought - sounds like fun!


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