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01 December 2013

Sunday Spotlight

Teachers give so much to their classrooms already.  It's been said that teaching is the only job where you steal supplies from home to take to work.  Because teachers give so much, and ask for so little in return, I'd like to shine the spotlight on various Donors Choose Projects that need help getting funded.

If you don't know, Donors Choose is a website that allows teachers to post projects they'd like to do with their class and helps them get funding.

I'd like to spotlight some Donors Choose projects that are hoping to happen in my area, and ask that you consider donating to one (or more)!

- a teacher asking for Kindles
-a teacher asking for comfy chairs for a reading area
-a teacher asking for literacy center items
-a teacher asking for a rug so her students don't have to have cold bums while sitting on the tile floor!
-a teacher asking for books to build her classroom library

Please take a look at these, or just visit Donors Choose to help fund a classroom in need!

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