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10 December 2013

Review: Dog by Matthew van Fleet

Doggone fun for toddlers! In Matthew Van Fleet's captivating new multiconcept book, twenty breeds of capering canines demonstrate action words, opposites, synonyms, and more. Cleverly designed pull tabs and flaps plus ten pettable textures provide interactive treats that will have toddlers arfing along from start to surprising finish. Bow-WOW!
*Cover image and summary from Goodreads*

I'm obviously older than a toddler, but I LOVED this book!  My colleagues and I were laughing hysterically at some of the photographs.  

When I purchased this (off Amazon via Donors Choose), I was just expecting a book with pictures of various dog breeds.  But it's so much more!  I can actually see myself using this while teaching---there is new vocabulary, synonyms/antonyms.  It has texture to some of the photographs, and pull tabs to make the dogs move. 

I was sad to see there was no Luna dog, because I know that's one of the first things the kids will look for, but there are a lot of breeds and information about them.

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