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20 October 2013

Sunday Spotlight on Donors Choose Projects: Let's Explore!

Teachers give so much to their students:  knowledge, time, patience, an ear, a hug, and needed supplies (many times purchased out of pocket).  Donors Choose is a wonderful organization where teachers can create projects based on what their students need (anything from basic supplies to books to a new rug to technology) and then open the project up for people to make donations.

Each week, I'll be highlighting a different class and their Donor's Choose project, with the hopes that you would donate---even $5 goes a long way.

If you would like your own Donors Choose project featured, please contact me (email or twitter).

Let's Explore
Today's Sunday Spotlight comes from one of the kindergarten teachers at my school, Ms. Dorman.  She writes:
"Don't touch!" How many times do five and six year olds hear this command? And yet, research shows that students learn more when they can engage multiple senses!
Our school is in a rural setting where parents work hard, not leaving any time to volunteer. Almost half of our students live at or below the poverty line. Half of my class is English language learners, with Spanish being the language spoken predominantly in the home.
This science exploration cart will allow my kindergarteners to easily access and reach materials. They can independently touch and manipulate materials which will allow me to work with small groups. In the fall, my students love to watch the Monarch caterpillar as it amazingly changes into a butterfly. This cart will allow them an eye-level view! The science chest will allow students to explore everything from color and light to magnetism, weather, plant life and more!
Five and six year old students love to learn. They are so curious about the world around them. This project will allow my kindergarteners to get up close with the science topics that we study. The interest that is sparked today will light a fire in them for their future. This grant will allow the purchase of these materials that would not be possible otherwise. These materials will be able to be used year after year and would serve many students for years to come.

To help fund her project to buy a science discovery chest and cart, please click here.

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